If you need a document or text translating from Spanish or Portuguese into English, then please request a quote by getting in touch here.  

The price quoted will take into account the document type (PDF, Word, Powerpoint, .txt, etc.), formatting, urgency, volume of text, and complexity or technicality of the subject matter.


If you require an interpreter to mediate between English and Spanish or English and Portuguese speakers, then please feel free to get in touch here in order to establish the specific requirements of your meeting or event.


If you have an audio or media file in English, Spanish or Portuguese and you require either a written transcript in the same language and/or a translation of the content, then please get in touch here to discuss the project in greater detail.


I can translate audio or video material and then dub the subtitles over the content using Aegisub software.

Proofreading & Editing

I can proofread and revise existing translations as an additional quality check.

Similarly, I can proofread and revise essays, academic texts and culturally specific content for non-native English speakers.


Localisation involves not only translating words for a new audience, but rather the total adaptation of a concept or idea to ensure originality in the new culture or local market.

If you are launching something into a new and distinct market, then please feel free to discuss your project further by getting in touch here.


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