Terms of Business

The below Terms and Conditions apply to all work carried out by NJF Translation.

These terms shall be incorporated into all contracts, whether written or oral, made between NJF Translation (“NJF”) and its Clients (“Client”) for all assignments pertaining to translation, interpreting and other language services (“services”), whether these terms are expressly mentioned or not.

The terms below shall prevail over any terms put forward by the Client.


1.       Cancellation

1.1   In the case of the Client cancelling services on the basis of an hourly rate, the Client will be liable to pay for all completed work up to the time of cancellation as well as any other costs borne as a result of cancellation by the Client.

1.2   In the case of the Client suspending or postponing services for a period of 7 days or more, the Client is liable to pay for all work up to the time of suspension or postponement as well as any other costs borne as a result of suspension or postponement by the Client.

1.3   In the case of the Client cancelling, suspending or postponing services that were agreed at a fixed fee, rate, or quotation, the Client will be liable to pay for the costs borne as a result. There will also be a fee due to NJF based on the stage at which the Client cancels, suspends or postpones the services, as per the following:

Stage of Project                                                                                                                  % of fee due to NJF

Before commencing the assignment                                                                                             15%

At any stage during the assignment                                                                                              75%

Once the assignment is complete                                                                                                 100%


2.       Payment

2.1   Payment is due within 30 days of the project delivery date or completion date, unless specifically agreed otherwise.

2.2  Payment shall be made in full, without deductions or set-off.

2.3  In the event that payment is being made by the Client in instalments, the failure of the Client to pay an instalment on or before the due date shall mean that the entire payment sum is due and payable immediately. In such a circumstance, NJF shall have the right to suspend any services to the Client until the issue is resolved and the payment is received in full.

2.4  Please note that NJF has a flat-rate minimum charge of £30 for any translation or language services assignment.

3.       Liability

3.1   NJF shall not be liable for any errors, omissions or ambiguity arising from errors, omissions or ambiguity in the original source material submitted to NJF by the Client.

3.2   NJF shall not be liable for any errors, omissions or ambiguity arising from poor quality of the source material submitted to NJF by the Client.

3.3   The Client must allow reasonable allowance for errors, omissions or ambiguity when services are requested for completion in a shorter time period than reasonably acceptable.

3.4   NJF shall not be responsible for any delay in the completion of services. All delivery dates or completion schedules for language services carried out by NJF are approximate and, while all reasonable effort will be made to carry out and complete the services according to the timescale quoted, NJF shall never be liable for any delay, nor shall the Client be entitled to withhold or delay payment in such an event.

4.       Certification

4.1   A certified translation is a translation that is accompanied by a declaration from the translator attesting that, to his or her knowledge, the translation is a true and faithful rendering of the original document. This can be provided upon request for an additional fee.

4.2   Please note that certain documents, such as legal paperwork, require a sworn or notarised translation. Please contact the relevant institution to ascertain the type of certification required. NJF Translation will then advise on whether we can provide the necessary level of certification.

5.       Interpreting

5.1   Working conditions, working hours, travel cover, interpreting equipment and logistics must be negotiated and agreed between NJF and the Client prior to an interpreting assignment.

5.2   Remuneration for preparation time prior to an interpreting assignment shall be agreed between NJF and the Client.

6.       Disclaimer

6.1    NJF provides language services exclusively. NJF does not offer its own analysis or advice, nor is any of the content of its language service provisions reflective of NJF.


These Terms and Conditions for the provision of language services by NJF shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of England and Wales. The Client agrees to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.