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I produce translations that are accurate, appropriate for the target audience and completely faithful to the original message.

I first started working as a translator in 2014 alongside my final year of undergraduate study, undertaking a number of volunteer translation projects and working part-time as a translator for a growing retailer based in the north-east of England. I graduated from Newcastle University with a BA First Class Honours degree in Modern Languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese). I then worked full-time for two years at Procter and Gamble, gaining experience of finance and accounting — specifically VAT and tax compliance — before leaving the company in order to pursue an MA in Conference Interpreting and Translation Studies at the University of Leeds. I obtained a Pass with Merit on that course and have since gained experience in various fields of translation, including legal, medical, business and finance, engineering, journalism, sport, politics and human rights.

In one of my main roles in the translation sector, I work as a Verbatim Reporter for the United Nations, translating, copy-editing and transcribing the meetings of the General Assembly and Security Council for the official UN meeting records. It is a role that requires absolute grammatical accuracy, attention to detail and conformity to style.   

I am professional, personable and enthusiastic and I always meet agreed deadlines and communicate effectively.

What I translatE



Academic Texts

Books & Literature

Journalism & Sports Articles

Travel & Tourism



Business, Finance & Admin

Legal Documentation

Police Reports

Scientific & Medical Reports





Video Subtitling

Digital Media


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